David Pope

David Pope - Windermere RE/North, Lynnwood

As a REALTOR® now for over 20 years I am excited about the opportunity to give back to an organization that has done so much for me and all home owners.  I have seen a lot and feel I have done well in adapting to all the changes along the way.  Change is happening all the time in our industry and  staying ahead of it while also understanding it is important.  I would like to think I have been able to do that with the help of many others during my career.  I see a potential board of directors position as a first step in helping educate colleagues and the community about all the work the association of REALTORS® has done and continues to do.  To see first-hand how things get done at the local level and be a part of that is a challenge I am excited for.  I feel I bring an open mind and creative ideas to continue building on what those before me have already done.