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Local Unlock the Door to Affordable Homeownership Campaign:


Snohomish County-Camano Association of REALTORS® has partnered with other organizations, to form a coalition to launch the Unlock the Door to Affordable Homeownership campaign in Washington State. 

Washington state, including Snohomish County, has been hard-hit by a lack of affordable housing opportunities, which has impacted buyers, sellers & renters. According to the U.S. Census, in 2018, nearly 99,000 households in Snohomish County were cost-burdened—meaning they spend more than 30% of their income on housing costs. And that number has only increased since then! Families in all income groups are struggling to find home-ownership opportunities.

  • Young people can’t afford to live in the county they grew up in.
  • Seniors who want to downsize and stay in the community they call home have few options.
  • Low-income families lack access to quality housing.

Everyone benefits from more affordable housing opportunities. Having access to quality, affordable housing is critical for economic stability and future mobility, as well as healthy, thriving communities.

We need to work with our state and local elected officials to solve this growing crisis in our communities, which includes educating lawmakers about real world impacts on all Washingtonians.

SCCAR has launched a local "Unlock the Door for Affordable Homeownership" campaign to address the housing affordability crisis. Thispage will be updated to inform members on how they can get involved and take action:

City of Edmonds

The Housing Commission for the City of Edmonds has launched an online open house and survey to receive community feedback about housing policy concepts from zoning to building design. The open house features videos which highlight ideas for housing policy topics. You can access their open house on their Edmonds Citizens' Housing Commission Online Open House website

City of Everett

The City of Everett is in the midst of their "Rethink Zoning" project. Rethink Zoning is a multi-year initiative to update and simplify the City's zoning code. This includes their housing code, for things such as single-family zones & multifamily residential zones. You can read more about Rethink Zoning in Everett on their website.

City of Lynnwood

The City of Lynnwood is creating a Housing Action Plan to make sure that a variety of housing is available and affordable for people of all incomes in Lynnwood. Your input will help the City to develop a Plan based on first-hand input from the community it will serve. Check out their online open house to provide feedback.

The city has also developed a frequently asked questions and fact sheet regarding affordable housing.

You can visit their website to learn more.

City of Marysville

The City of Marysville is looking at redeveloping their Master Plan for their downtown area. They have an online website where they welcome public engagement for the Marysville Downtown Master Plan update throughout the project. Visit their website to learn more and to provide feedback.

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