Homeless Endowment Fund

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"Our fund is a "hand up” for the individual or family that has been able to secure a job and are ready to move into permanent housing but are struggling to save the seemingly overwhelming amount, required for first, last and damage deposit."

About the Fund: The Homeless Endowment Fund was established in 1991 by Realtors in Snohomish County to assist families and individuals in temporary shelters to move into a permanent housing arrangement by lending a portion of the security deposit.  This fund, which is the only one of its’ kind in Snohomish County has been used by thousands of families and individuals over the past 25 years and is needed more than ever in the current economic environment. 

How it Works: The fund is available to applicants screened by Volunteers of America and deemed to be ready to take on the responsibility of managing their finances including the no interest loan from the Homeless Endowment Fund. We believe that this fund may be beneficial in many ways, as it frees up space in shelters as recipients move to a permanent housing situation and may well be the first step to home ownership in the future.

Annual charity events help sustain the fund and continue our goal to assist those making a positive effort to achieve self-sustained housing a reality.