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$1.82 = One Pound of Food!

Food Drive FAQ:

When will the collection bin be delivered to our office?
Your SCCAR Food Drive Committee is working with the Snohomish County Food Bank Coalition to have the bins delivered to your office the week prior to the start of the food drive. If you do not receive a bin please contact
How should I handle cash donations? 
Money donations add to your total weight. Every $1.82 raised will count as one pound of food.  We accept checks payable to your local food bank or "Volunteers of America." Cash donations are to be handled very carefully.  Please place all cash and check donations in your REALTOR Food Drive collection can.
I have collected this food, now what?

All the food collected will go to your local food bank or Volunteers of America.  After you collect the food, deliver it to your office and place inside the food bin. Once the bin is full, or near full, your food will be picked up and weighed. To schedule a pick-up, please contact


Food Drive Materials:

Donation Form (PDF)

Poster (PDF, 11 x 17)

Poster (PNG)

Social Media Post (PNG)

Shopping List (PDF, 8.5 x 11)

Shopping List (PNG)

Flyer (PDF, 8.5. x 11)

Top 15 Ideas for Collecting

  1. Put a food bin from your food bank in your office and collect for the month.
  2. Ask your business associates, mortgage companies, favorite restaurants, etc. if they will
    allow you to put a food bin in their office or place of business.
  3. Door knock your neighborhood farm area and hand out notices about the food drive
    along with the shopping list provided by SCCAR.
  4. Send postcards to your client base asking for their support of food or cash donations.
  5. Host a garage sale with the proceeds being donated to the food bank. Or host a drawing
    where you a sell tickets for the prize. (some ideas are, flat screen TV, iPad, weekend trip, etc.)
  6. Partner with your local grocery store and set several dates and times where you can
    collect food and money outside their store.
  7. Have a banner or post sign made for your office that promotes the food drive and your
    office is a collection spot.
  8. At your broker's opens donate 5.00 for all attendees or ask your attendees to donate
    towards the food drive.
  9. Partner with a restaurant that will allow you to invite your clients to dinner and you and
    fellow agents can be the waiters, with all tips going towards the food drive.
  10. Challenge your broker to match the funds raised for the amount that was collected by
    the agents during the drive.
  11. Have a super market dash with your broker and have them pony up on the bill or split
    the bill amongst yourself and your fellow brokers/shoppers.
  12. Hold a car wash with all proceeds going towards the food drive (Les Schwab is happy to
    donate the water and hose on a Sunday)
  13. Keep the money bin provided by SCCAR on your front counter for all your cash
    donations by walk-ins and other agents
  14. Talk with your favorite coffee stand and ask if they would be willing to hold a donation
    can on their counter for extra tips going towards the food drive.
  15. Ask your favorite watering hole to have a drink special for the month of October where
    all proceeds go towards the food drive.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about the Food Drive please

Don't forget to send your food drive photos to to be featured on our social media pages!