Homeowners More Likely to take on D.I.Y. Remodels?

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  • May 24, 2019, 12:39 PM

Homeowners looking to add personality and individuality to their home are more likely to undertake a “do-it-yourself” remodel than hire a professional, according to the National Association of Realtors’ 2019 Remodeling Impact Report: DIY. The report also shows cash-strapped millennials are the most likely of any generation to take on a DIY project.


The report examines the differences between remodeling when hiring a professional compared to homeowners who pursue “do-it-yourself” projects. The report also differentiates between projects which benefit the homes of consumers and those which benefit consumers’ pets.


According to the report, homeowners reported a “Joy Score” of 9.9 for projects done themselves (Joy Scores range from 1 and 10, and higher figures indicate greater joy from the project). Compared to a score of 9.6 for projects completed by professionals. DIYers also expressed a greater sense of accomplishment with a finished project, 97 percent of respondents indicating a major or minor sense of accomplishment, compared to 93 percent of those who hired a professional.

“One of the pleasures of homeownership is the ability to take on projects to customize a house to truly make it your own,” said Glenda Krull, President of Snohomish County-Camano Association of Realtors.


Nearly three-fourths of Generation Y and Millennial consumers (73 percent,) over half of Generation X (51 percent) and 50 percent of Younger Boomers choose to DIY home projects. 70 percent of the Silent Generation indicated they hired a professional to complete their project – the highest of any generation.


When it comes to projects undertaken for the benefit of the consumer’s pet, marginally more respondents indicated complete satisfaction when they hired a professional, 65 percent compared to 61 percent. However, consumers are more likely to undertake a DIY project for a pet (56 percent) than a general home project (47 percent).


Anyone taking on remodeling projects to get the most bang for their buck on resale should speak to a Realtor, as they have unique and instrumental insights into which projects and upgrades bring the most value to homes in your area,” Krull said.


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