Marysville Windermere office begins food drive, brings Blitz to M-PHS

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  • Oct 23, 2019, 08:56 AM

Marysville Windermere office begins food drive, brings Blitz to M-PHS

Christopher Andersson

Marysville’s Windermere office has begun their annual food drive and also brought the Seattle Seahawks' mascot Blitz to Marysville-Pilchuck High School this October.

On Oct. 18 Blitz came out to one of the school’s pep assemblies as part of a partnership between Windermere and the Seahawks.

“For the past four years Windermere and the Seattle Seahawks have teamed up to tackle homelessness,” said Dan Peterson, managing broker for the Marysville Windermere.


For every tackle at a Seahawks' home game the company pledged to donate to local charities.

“This year, the Seahawks decided they wanted to expand on that idea. They wanted the local offices to team up with local high schools,” said Peterson.

“There is a place in Marysville called Maud’s House and they provide shelter to homeless women with children and homeless pregnant women, so we decided to give $50 for every touchdown that Pilchuck scored this year to Maud’s House and $50 for every touchdown that Getchell scored,” he said.

M-PHS principal Christine Bromley said she appreciated the opportunity.

“I thought it was amazing. Part of our goal is to really tie our leadership with service learning, and I think our football players are leaders as well,” she said.

“What an amazing chance to rally around service.”

The partnership with local schools was also made into a competition, said Peterson.

“You guys beat out all the other schools involved in this competition, and that included schools like Bellevue High School and Mercer Island,” he said.

“Which is why the Seattle Seahawks sent Blitz up here to celebrate with you guys.”

The Seahawks mascot came out and took some photographs with M-PHS football players.

“What’s not to love about having Blitz here, it was a great partnership with the Seattle Seahawks,” said Bromley.

Earlier in the month, on Oct. 9, the local Windermere also began contributing to the community in another way: by beginning their annual food drive.

“We do it in association with our Realtor, which is SCAAR, the Snohomish County and Camano Island Association of Realtors,” said Aimee Patton, a realtor at the office.


“This is our pet project, it is the thing that we usually spend the most time on doing,” she said. 

The Windermere office is usually one of the biggest donators to the food bank.

“We are usually the first or second donator to the Marysville Community Food Bank each year,” said Patton.

Patton said that the office was happy to help the local organization.

“The food bank is a significant contributor to our community. They have a very large impact. For every dollar people don’t have to spend on food, they can spend money on other things they need,” she said.

She also said that the office enjoys helping out their community. Each week they organize a lunch that is done by volunteers and raises funds for the food bank, and they also have an annual auction.

The office also accepts donations as part of their drive.

“We would love for any community members interested in helping the Marysville food bank to stop by,” said Patton.

The office is at 801 State Ave, Marysville and anyone can bring checks or food to drop off.

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