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Weekly REALTORS® Making a Difference

  • by User Not Found
  • May 5, 2020, 14:48 PM

During these times, we wanted to highlight some good news which is happening within our communities. We would like to recognize REALTORS® who are making contributions toward the betterment of our community through public service or private actions.

If you know a REALTOR® making a positive difference, nominate them and let us know!

You can fill out the Weekly Realtors Nomination Form and send it to

What we need:

- Headshot of nominee
- Name of nominee
- Office they are in
- A short paragraph about why you are nominating them
- Additional information or resources for how people can receive their services or contributions, and/or how people can contribute or get involved

Please send your nominations, along with a headshot of the nominee, to