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Affiliate Sponsorship Opportunities

Educational Sponsorship

SCCAR is one of few Associations in the country to provide free clock hour classes to our members. In order to continue providing this service we need your sponsorship. Classes are attended by about 50 Realtor members and you are afforded a plethora of benefits including time to speak to the class at the beginning and after lunch, heavy promotion via the SCCAR website and flyers, your promotional materials included in the class packets and much more.

If you have information that REALTORS® need to know then please don't hesitate to offer a class at our new facility. We are able to seat up to 50 people and will handle all online registrations and provide you with names and contact information for all attendees. Classes with clock hours included are most often the best attended. Offering lunch or refreshments (depending on the length and time of the class) is encouraged. Or, you can sponsor a class - which allows you to provide information to the REALTORS® in attendance as well as getting a few minutes to speak at the beginning of the class.

Scheduling SCCAR Class's

Community Events

Our annual REALTOR®Food Drive is a source of great competition and profound generosity. In 2021, the Food Drive gathered more than 18,000 thousand pounds and $144,346.86 of food for food banks across Snohomish County and Camano Island. SCCAR's REALTORS® are the biggest contributors to the Snohomish County food banks!We need help delivering posters, donation bins, and general information to our participating offices. It costs you nothing, but is worth so much!

The SCCAR Homeless Endowment Fund has been in place for nearly twenty years. It is distributed through the Volunteers of America Western Washington & Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County and has helped hundreds of people with security deposits, emergency housing vouchers, and helping people secure permanent housing. This fun filled event keeps the fund alive and provides an evening of entertainment and camaraderie amongst industry professionals.

Nationwide Open House Weekend

We have a wide variety of advertising opportunities associated with the Open House event. Our main advertising outlet is the Everett Herald. As part of this groundbreaking event, we provide loads of marketing and informational materials to our members. We need your help to distribute them and promote the upcoming event, plus our affiliate members get to provide your branded open house goodies to our participating members.

REALTOR® Membership

Attend a new member orientation at the end and introduce yourself to new brokers. Meet the newest members of the association and get to know them on a personal level. You are afforded time at the end of the class to introduce yourself and your business and meet and greet the new members. 

Have an idea? We want your feedback! If you have an idea or would like to further discuss any of the opportunities listed above please contact us. Also, you can attend our Affiliate Committee meetings where ideas are discussed.

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