How to Become a REALTOR®

You must be eligible to become a REALTOR® 

When your office is a REALTOR® office, in Snohomish County, all licensed brokers are required to be REALTORS®. If your office is not a REALTOR® office, you are not eligible join a REALTOR® association. Your broker franchise chooses to be a REALTOR® office or not. 


Which association do you want to join?

You should choose an association which will represent your business. By having your membership at this association you are supporting our Government Affairs department and the real estate issues in Snohomish County and Camano Island.

You may only choose an Association that your office is affiliated with. To figure out what associations your office is affiliated with, ask your Designated Broker.

If your office is located in Snohomish County or on Camano Island your first choice should be SCCAR. 

If your office is located outside of Snohomish County or Camano Island and you prefer to work mostly in our area you may want to join our association.  In order to use the board of choice option, your broker, manager, and/or owner must be a member of our association, or you may join your office's 'local association' and join our association as a 'secondary member.' Your broker, manager, and/or owner must be a member of the same 'primary association' as you because the 'primary association' needs to have the authority to conduct an ethics hearing on your behalf, if a complaint is lodged against you.


How to become a REALTOR®

Hang your license in a REALTOR® office.

Submit a completed application.

Pay a $50 application fee and current year dues*.

Attend a new member orientation.

Take a 3-hour REALTOR® Code of Ethics class (free online or take a free SCCAR CE class).

To continue your membership, you need to pay your annual dues (due January 1st of each year) and take a REALTOR® Code of Ethics class every cycle.


*Membership dues are non-refundable*

SCCAR REALTOR® Membership Application

2024 Prorated Dues Total:

Choosing your Join Date Month

Includes Application Fee

Jan: $743.00
Feb: $691.92
Mar: $640.83
Apr: $589.75
May: $538.67

If you have questions about this process or other membership questions, please contact or call 425-339-1388.