How to set up an office with SCCAR

When an office is a REALTOR® office all licensees are required to join the Association of REALTORS® and comply with the Code of Ethics. Along with this office application each licensed agent must complete a Membership Application.

For a REALTOR® office to be activated, REALTOR® Office Application and all REALTOR® Membership Applications must be submitted with payment.

How your office becomes a REALTOR® Office  

Complete an office application.

Each licensed broker in your office must complete a membership application and pay their dues.

Schedule new member orientation training.

For your entire office, contact our Executive Director at 425-339-1388.

For an individual, contact or (425) 339-1388.

Each licensed broker must complete REALTOR® Code of Ethics training within one year.


On Boarding Flyer REALTOR® Application & Benefits


If you have questions about this process or other membership questions, please contact us at

425-339-1388 or send an email to

*Membership dues are non-refundable*