Tax Information

2019 Snohomish County-Camano Association of REALTORS® Tax Information

*If you paid for REALTOR® dues in the prorated amount, find the non-deductible amount for the month you joined listed below.

Prorated Dues:

Month Prorated Dues Non-Deductible
January $695.00 $155.22
February $647.09 $145.29
March $599.17 $136.35
April $551.26 $125.42
May $503.35 $115.48
June $455.43 $105.55
July $407.52 $95.61
August $359.61 $85.68
September $311.69 $74.74
October $263.78 $64.81
November $215.87 $55.87
December $167.95 $44.94

Non-deductible amounts: 

$11.22 of your Snohomish-County Camano Association of Realtor dues, $87.00 of your Washington Realtors dues, and $57.00 of your National Association dues are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

$35 of your Washington State dues will be deposited into the Washington Realtor Political Action Committee (Washington State RPAC) as a contribution on your behalf, if you would prefer that the $35 go to issue advocacy purposes instead you may send an email to and the required $35 will be directed to our non-PAC issues fund.

**Membership dues are non-refundable**