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Cooper Rost - RE/MAX Elite

Hello, my name is Cooper Rost. I am 23 years old and have been a licensed Real Estate Broker for just over three years. My business focuses on three main aspects: Residential Sales, Real Estate Investments, and Property Management. 

The Sales portion of my business is extremely important to me. I feel very fortunate to have been given so many opportunities assisting people as they buy or sell their homes. Each year, my total sales have grown tremendously, and I look forward to continued growth as my clientele and skills expand.

Real Estate Investments is where my true passion lies. I have been a part of flipping houses ever since I was a young child and I really enjoy the many challenges this process brings. Whether it’s determining the correct value, competing for homes at foreclosure auction, or wrapping up the final finish work and completing a project; Investments are a huge part of my business and always will be.

My final focus is Property Management. My family has over 20 residential rental properties scattered across Snohomish County. Again, I grew up as a kid helping out with the property management side of this industry; and it still continues to be an integral part of my business.

As you can tell, I am well versed in several different aspects of the Real Estate industry; and I am excited to continue growing my business and my knowledge.

Thank you for your consideration!

Cooper Rost